I’m very excited to finally share that Branch and I are joining the TinySeed startup accelerator. This means that I now have the resources to work full-time on Branch and build the best possible tool for WordPress developers.

TinySeed is not your typical accelerator and I encourage you to read about them on their website. Here’s how they describe themselves:

TinySeed is a year-long, remote accelerator designed for early-stage SaaS founders.


Back in November, I announced that I was building Branch – a continuous integration service to build, test and deploy your WordPress code. A few months later I began talking to Rob Walling, the founder of TinySeed, to discuss if Branch was a good fit for the accelerator. We both agreed that going through the accelerator was exactly the right fit for me and Branch. I’m very excited and honored to be joining an amazing crew of founders, mentors and investors, and I’m positive that it will move the needle for Branch.

Together with an investment, TinySeed comes bundled with a long list of amazing mentors that can help me in many different areas of the business. This will be hugely valuable and I’m very thankful to have access to these amazing people.


I’ve known for a few months that I was going to be a part of TinySeed. It’s the first time I’ve gone through a process like this, with lawyers, accountants etc. and I have been dying to share this with everyone. As you know, I’m trying to be transparent about the process of building Branch, but this has probably been the most significant thing to happen on the journey so far and I haven’t been able to share it. My trip to MicroConf in Las Vegas was related to TinySeed as well and I got to meet the team and a few other founders – without being able to share that part of the trip obviously. Going forward, I’m excited to share my experiences going through an alternative accelerator like TinySeed.

Next month, I’ll be going back to the US to meet up with the other TinySeed people and will be able to share a lot more of my experiences this time around.

What now?

In the coming year, I’ll now have the resources to work full-time on Branch and possibly even begin to contract some of the work. Heck, I may even be able to make my first hire.

It’s going to be a busy time for me. You can follow the journey on Twitter and by putting in your email address in the form below:

So long! 👋

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