Hi! My name is Peter and this is the first entry on this freshly created blog. It’s not the first time a blog has been created by me. You see. I like to begin new projects and I do it all the time. Sometimes I start blogs on the Internet, sometimes I build online products for myself, or for my clients, or I start businesses that rent out bartenders, or one of a 1000 other things. Actually, most of the times when you meet me, I will tell you that I just started this new cool project. It’s how I work.

Just setting up this WordPress blog, I turned into a project… I even put it on Github.

I’m that thing between a developer and an entrepreneur, which means that whenever I get an idea for a new project, no one is holding me back. A few hours later, I’ll have a website up and running and ask you to retweet it to your followers! I like the term ‘devtrepreneur‘, and I think it describes me pretty well.

Think of those first 3 paragraphs as a disclaimer. This blog will be about all my projects. I think. Hopefully I won’t abandon it too soon, like (a few) of my previous projects. Anywho.

$ whoami

I’m mostly a programmer. I also like to think of myself as a traveler. I’m danish, but in the last 2 years, I think I’ve been more outside of Denmark than inside it. I’ve lived in Morocco and Thailand and traveled to many other countries. I also like the term ‘digital nomad’ and like the idea of combining the two terms:

Devtrepreneur + Digital Nomad = Win?

It’s difficult for me to predict what will happen with this blog, but I expect to be posting about at least the following topics:

  • Programming (PHP and server stuff)
  • Business (Freelancing, entrepreneurship and bootstrapping)
  • Traveling

At least, those are topics that I care about a lot these days.

Since this blog is still pretty fresh, ff you want to know more about me, you could check out some of the following stuff:

I’ll also have an about me section on this website soon.

This post is quite random, but at least the blog now has one post! Thanks for reading it.