There are a bunch of people, probably around 30 to 40 to be more accurate, that I feel like I’ve known for years. They come from all around the world. They do completely different things for work. They look completely different. They are meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, coaches, architects, programmers, investors, entrepreneurs, christians, muslims, atheists, surfers, travelers, students – you get the idea. They are different kinds of people.

The one thing they all have in common is that I’ve known them for less than a year.

These are some of the people I’ve met during the 3-4 months I’ve spent co-living at Sun & Co in the past year.

Sun & Co has been my second home in 2016 and my go-to-place, whenever I had a few weeks with nothing else on the schedule (that required my physical presence that is). I’m pretty sure I have the record for most time spent in the house.

I’ve seen a huge amount of people come and go. A lot of whom said their lives were transformed after trying co-living and meeting such a diversified and interesting group of people.

I had my first co-living experience in 2014, when I lived with a large group of “digital nomads” in a large apartment building in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Still we were living in our own studios. In 2015, I stayed for a few weeks at the famous Surf Office in Las Palmas, but still in shared flats with private rooms. Sun & Co was my first time living and working in a house full of people I didn’t know in advance.

One of the hosts at Sun & Co, and a good friend of mine, Jon, wrote a blog post about how co-living is a very accelerated version of co-working. It’s a great post, which does a great job explaining what I’m trying to say here: Living and working together with people is an extremely accelerated way of making new friends and connections. For me, one of the biggest part of co-living has been the friendships I’ve made that continued after co-living.

There are a ton of “how co-living changed my life” blog posts out there, so instead of doing yet another one, I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the “after co-living” memories I have from 2016.

The Sun & Co 1 year anniversary party – hosted by friend-of-the-house Alejandro on his amazing rooftop. A lot of people came back to connect with “old” friends!

A trip to the nearby market in Jesus Pobre with my girlfriend – made possible by Jon from Sun & Co, who let us take his motorbike! Trusting someone to drive your motorbike is much easier when you’ve lived together with them.

In Edinburgh, having lunch with Mohammed who I met at Sun & Co. Mo and his wife made us an amazing traditional Palestinian feast!

… And an amazing cup of Arabic coffee!

I spent 4 months “house sitting” this apartment in Copenhagen for a girl I met at Sun & Co (because she didn’t want to leave Javea). Again, trusting someone to stay at your place is a lot easier when you’ve lived together for a month.

Last meal in Sun & Co before roadtripping Andalucia. All my friends from Sun & Co and Javea came to the house to say goodbye and eat Burritos.

  1. Nice article…keep writing and I totally agree with what you are saying. It is special kind of people you meet through Coliving & Coworking. It was a pleasure to meet you… 😉


  2. Herbert Mascarenhas January 23, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    Amazing to read “my words” written by a friend. It’s a fact indeed: those words could be mine.

    Well said, Peter. See you soon, buddy.


  3. This is so true, Peter! Sun & Co in September was the only time I’ve stayed in a coliving space, and since then I’ve had tour guides in about 4 or 5 different places! I’ve also built genuine and exciting working relationships with people I met there – people I would otherwise never have met. I can’t wait to visit again 🙂


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