To me, online marketing is intimidating.

As mentioned earlier, I like to consider myself a devtrepreneur. I love using my technical skills to build products that people wants to use. However, I am no marketer. I do know the basics of marketing, I have a bachelors degree from a business school and I have been involved in many startups, but honestly, I still find it intimidating. It feels like there are so many things to do and everything has to be timed and planned out for it all to work.

Last month, I launched my first WordPress project, a deployment solution named WP Pusher. The only marketing I have been doing, is telling people about it on Twitter, which has been enough to generate the first few sales and free downloads. While building WP Pusher, I thought about marketing from time to time, but I never did much about it, which I guess was because I felt intimidated. Actually, after launching, instinctively I just wanted to move on to the next project, like I have done many times in the past, which would be pretty stupid. I have everything I need in order to start a proper marketing effort. I have a useful product that people really seems to like and a nice landing page.

All of which is why I decided to document everything here.

Sharing the journey

Sharing everything here, is my own way of trying to tackle an intimidating task. By sharing, I will be forced to reflect and evaluate everything I do. In the long run, hopefully, it will lead to feedback and discussions on Twitter or here on the blog.

I will share what I have been doing, both the things that worked, and the ones that did not. I am really busy these days and work +40 hours a week for clients. This leaves me with evenings only to work on WP Pusher. I have to prioritise my time and try not to waste it too much.

The plan

Right now, I do not have a plan. I know I want to focus on content marketing, which I think is a great way of attracting traffic and followers. Here is a list of things I think I need to do:

  • Make a SEO strategy, so I have something measurable
  • Re-launch the blog on, including a content strategy
  • Make a strategy for external content, such as guest posts, reviews etc.
  • Consider paying for content on popular WordPress websites
  • Find a way to get more (@WP_Pusher) followers on Twitter

Probably, one of the first things I will do, is to make a more detailed plan. Preferably, the plan should include a few goals with actionable steps. Stay tuned for this.

If you have any feedback or ideas, please post a comment or ping me on Twitter.

That’s all for now.

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